East Atlanta Strut (4th time around)

September 29, 2014

The East Atlanta Strut was last weekend. This was my 4th time around with this event. Actually 4 years ago it was my very first festival show. Ain’t that something?

These type of shows are a lot of labor but it is always great to talk to people and have a little street party all day long. Parties are good. The parade was really long¬†and loud. I saw no clowns but I heard a few tubas. Boy they “sho can play those drums.”¬†Maria brought me a veggie corndog. The sun came out. I paint bears.

Thanks to all those who came by and took some art home with them. It makes me glad you understand. I hope it makes you happy. Friends are good.

east-atlanta-strut-friends-blackcattips-3 - laura cook photo credit

east-atlanta-strut-friends-blackcattips-4  - carmen ames  photo crediteast-atlanta-street-art-blackcattips-bug















– kyle