This Is Life (a man making noodles)

December 9, 2014

This is life. This thing we are in right now. This world has all the action you could ever ask for. Impossible scenarios happen everyday. Planes crashing. Bombs exploding. Fire shoots out of the earths core. A whale bigger than a building leaps from the dark sea—never to be seen by human eyes again.

I sit in my tiny box condo. I paint in another tiny box condo. I think of people in far fetched countries making crafts and eating handmade food on street corners. A lone asian man around 77 years old hand-makes noodles everyday in his back room for his neighborhood lunch spots. I envy this man. I envy his ritual— his routine. It is a beautiful thing.

I feel isolated in a town full of people. Once in the mountains of the WEST I went out into the woods to see if I could get GOD to speak directly to me. I laid on my back in a field between green woods and boulders. No elk, no deer, no bear, no direct words from GOD. Maybe I wasn’t ready to receive.

We are animals with some sort of soul— a colorful spirit with feathers like a Siamese fighting fish. We fight and kill. We think we have to be working or doing something at all times. The obsession with busy. A bird sits on a limb. A trout floats in a stream. Maybe I will just sit a while and think and learn to breathe in the air that we ALL have inhaled for millennia.


– kyle