Hangin’ Om (Deep Breathes)

February 15, 2015

Things have been pretty intense for me lately. It might not look like it but there are lots of things bouncing around inside of my brain. A few work their way out via my beard. I am lucky enough to have several big deals in the works. “Hold on. Take a deep meditative breathe Mr. Brooks.” I tell myself.  Ride on top of this swell in the river. A deep river— mouth gaping wide—rising and rolling as it dumps mystically into the ocean. Hold on tight and keep your senses about you. I will do the best I can and you can run a full report on my progress when I make it out into the black sea. (Sharks in the water, a dead whale, a school of fish swirling as one, someone’s sun faded lost shoe.)

I don’t want to announce things until they are real. I learned my lesson a while back by telling people I was going to be involved in X or Y and then it all caved in on itself. Chickens and eggs and who will hatch?! Over the next few weeks I will tell you about some of these new and exciting happenings.

I sketch most every day but had not concentrated on it in a while. I always have a number of sketch pads laying around with little things scribbled on them. Over the last weeks I have found a positive energy in sketching. It really is different than a painting and somehow opens your brain to new artistic ideas. Here are a couple I finished this last week.

hoagie-nose-death-brooks-blackcattips-art-wolf-traintracks casserolle-blackcattips-snake-illustration-art

– kyle