Visions of a Whale Volcano (mural in an old library)

April 28, 2015

I met Kris a couple months ago when she visited my studio to look at the Methodist Jesus Renewal Project painting. She asked me if I would be interesting in painting in her home (which oddly enough was an old elementary school library.) I said,”Yes.” and immediately had a vision of a whale coming out of a volcano— not a life changing lighting strike vision but more of an image that appeared in my mind and stuck.

I feel very thankful to have met another kind soul that fully supports my artistic vision without trying to edit it. She only told me she loved the color yellow and later told me she really liked the “Jubilant Skeleton” aka Bone Man.

As a final note, I was accompanied all week by two brown dogs. I do declare that these finely bred German Short-haired Pointers make mighty fine painting mates. One even stared at the wall while I painted.

I entitled this mural Visions of a Whale Volcano.


whale volcano mural - blackcattips-24 -brooks -

cat cloud and jubilant bone man - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-46

cat cloud and jubilant skeleton bone man - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-36 fish flock - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-42 frog dog beast chained - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-16 frog dog beast over the town - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-34

whale volcano mural - blackcattips-10 _whale-volcano-mural---blackcattips-240-in-progress--brooks--- visions-of-a-whale-volcano-mural---blackcattips---brooks--- visions-of-a-whale-volcano-mural---blackcattips---brooks---242-in-progress visions-of-a-whale-volcano-mural---blackcattips---brooks---248-in-progress

green pea people - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-38 jubilant bone man and two headed king snake - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-48 red shoes house belly - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-54 smiles down below - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-32 the national anthem - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-14 twins - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-52 whale volcano mural - blackcattips-12 willy mcgee the ferry ride - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-30



– kyle