Presidential Portraits (One night it came undone)

May 26, 2015

I painted some presidential portraits — George Washington Hamilton, James K Polk Stevens, Andrew Jackson, John Adams McKenzie, Leroy Sheffield. The whole gang is there. (But I’m left over here all alone.)

So I woke up. Late at night. The lights went on but all was dark. In my head and on the street the men were lurking. The best friend I never had. A woman in a sequined ruby dress. The pack of mangy greyhounds. Lawn chairs ripped apart and left to die—straps and buckles strewn asunder— tossed over and under.  The “Mother May Eyes?”

The air was thick with humid dripping rain. I stared off in the distance and my eyes became unfocused and blurry. Rain flowed all around me and made the parking lot seem to flow toward Intrenchment Creek. Lighting struck down hard and exploded a tree. The sparks showered down on the homeless man. (He was homeless by choice but troubled by birth! Happy about his new found freedoms but troubled by his lack of control.)

Today we salute you with these Presidtle Portaits. I salute you long lost friend. I salute you troubled man living on the woods edge. I salute you man I have never been. Hats off— hand over heart—look to the mostly blue sky. Salute!

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presidential-portraits-blackcattips-1000-b presidential-portraits-blackcattips-southern folk art

– kyle