Clickity-Clack (train rolls on)

July 8, 2015

1. I think of people in the past as old— always older than I am, or was.

I think of adults when I was young and a school boy kid and they all seem old. Now I look back at when a song came out or a book was written and how old the artist was at that point. They are always younger than I am now— sad face—weirdness in my mind. How is this possible?

This train we call TIME and L.I.F.E. keeps rolling— never stops— every day— unbelievable. Time never stops and never has stopped since the world began— however long ago that was or wasn’t.

It never stops. Do you realize that? Not once!

We are all on this cart with wheels called L.I.F.E. rolling on and on and on and on and on.

clickity-clack clickity-clack, down the bouncy rusty track

I am almost old, but not quite. I keep fighting and struggling— never easy. I punch. I punch. It punches back.

Get back Jack!  I’ll see you tomorrow…I think.

2. This is the song that made me think of these things. I was doing some sketching in a restaurant this morning and heard it in the background. I came back home and played it online and got curious about the year it came out. Old Don was younger than I just might be.

3. Here is a painting I made called Sunshine #60893

sunshine-number-60893-blackcattips-fok art