The Spirit of Inspiration (MailChimp talk)

July 17, 2015

So today I woke up real early. The sky was black—extra black. I couldn’t see real good but I got on up. I combed my beard and got myself ready and I put on my new hat. We went to the new Ponce City Market and I checked in at MailChimp. Today was the day I gave my Coffee Hour Talk.

I had a fancy clicker and a lapel microphone. I walked around and gave a good ol’ talk. I really had a good time. It was a fun time tellin’ stories.

I spoke about the Spirit of Inspiration. I spoke about the washing machine of thoughts and the evolution of one’s creativity. I also got down on one knee and sang a little song I wrote about Hobo Town. Then we had a fancy photo shoot and I think that was a pretty good way to start a Friday.

Thanks to MailChimp and Jason Travis for being so good to me.

photo by jason travis photo by jason travis photo by jason travis

Above photos by Jason Travis.


– kyle