Yik Yak Mural (ham and beans and a yak spirit)

July 30, 2015


I just wrapped up a mural for the¬†Yik Yak Headquarters in Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia. I spent a couple weeks driving everyday¬†with the business folks to a big building in the city, riding up the elevators and taking my brushes with me to a fancy new office. I made some friends up there at Yik Yak. I am glad they contacted me and said, “Come on over here Boy and bring your paints!

I am pretty impressed by what I saw and the energy at that place. They ride around on hovercrafts in the office. I have never seen anything like that. I worked in an office for a long time and saw not one hovercraft! I hope my mural will make them happy and bring them good times.

Somehow even after a couple weeks it can be sad to leave a project and the people you get used to seeing everyday. I enjoyed it quite a bit and I hope they enjoyed me being there. They gave me lots of coffee and snacks and made me feel at home.

Thanks to Brooks and Tyler for starting a bustling company and having me paint in your hallway. Also a big thanks to Daniel and all my new Yik Yak pals for taking care of me.

Check out more photos here and a nice blog post Yik Yak posted about the mural project.

blackcattips-yak-man-art yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-yak-mountain-10 yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-brooks-art yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-talking-mluntian-art-buckhead-tech yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-painting-office-art-buckhead

yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-kyle-brooks-artist yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-painting-art-atlanta-19 yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-43-pickle-breathe yik-yak-mural-blackcattips--atlanta-art-11 yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-36 yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-4

yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-bubble-gum-boy-art yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-elephant-art yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-bear-in-the-grass-art-painting coin-in-the-dog-ear-yik-yak-mural-blackcattips

– kyle