Magnet Friends (hand painted fun)

September 4, 2015

I ordered a large roll of magnetic sheet material only to find out that magnets do not stick to stainless steel. Seems like they would stick but trust me they do not. No stick. Not even close.

So, I decided to make some magnet friends. They can ride on your car or truck or refridgerator or even on a robot’s shiny back.

I imagine they wont last long. If you are intersted in any, contact me at

blackcattips-painted-magnet-friends---15 blackcattips bear - painted-magnet-friends---6 blackcattips-painted-magnet-friends---2 art fun faces - blackcattips-hand-painted-magnet-friends---6 streetfolk art blackcattips-hand-painted-magnet-friends---4


– kyle