Do You Know What A Risograph Is? (I didn’t)

September 17, 2015

Hello again. I made some paintings on paper that Mike Lowery and I turned into prints using a Risograph. Do you know what a risograph is? I did not but now I do. Think of a so old school its cool copy machine that uses big color cartridges. The cartridges looks like a giant version of the ones in the tube from the drive-through bank teller that I always wanted to send a chipmunk into the bank with. Anyway, we made some prints.

Then I took them home and hand painted them — added and took away and colored some more. The four hand-painted ones I made will be available for sale this Saturday night  at the Paper Ghost Studio show about Atlanta.

Today was a 85% good day.

blackcattips atlanta risograph prints art - 6 blackcattips atlanta prints paper ghost studio- 7

 – kyle