Walking Around Holding a Board (mailchimp still shots)

October 29, 2015

Sometimes you just walk around holding a big ol’ board with paint on it and smiling. That was my job. I will let them take the fancy pictures.

I enjoyed working with Jtrav on this MailChimp billboard project.  We ate some Banh mi tofu sandwhiches and listened to Fleet Foxes and laughed a bunch. We even got to complete the video project with his new drone Daniel. Shortly after we painted the billboard art, Jtrav went and had the sheriff cat I had drawn tattooed on his arm.  How about that? a Sheriff Cat! Crazy ol’ world.

These photos are from the MailChimp billboard project we just wrapped up. I feel like they give a different perspective on the project— a different light if you will. I also wanted to thank my friend Troy Stains for his help in making the film come to life. It is mighty nice to work with good fellas. :)

mailchimp blackcattips billboard - 11 mailchimp blackcattips billboard - 16 mailchimp blackcattips billboard - 20 mailchimp blackcattips billboard - painting process street folk art kyle brooks atlanta mailchimp blackcattips billboard - painting snout hounds for mailchimp kyle brooks streetfolk art atlanta mailchimp blackcattips billboard - walking around with a board for jason travis kyle brooks art preliminary sketches for mailchimp blackcattips billboard featuring the sheriff cat blackcattips

All photos by Jason Travis

– kyle