Pelican Oh Pelican (beach folk art)

November 30, 2015

I spent thanksgiving on the gulf coast of Florida —Spent some time in Panama City. I went there as a kid but it was interesting to go back again. I think I like it better in the off-season. I don’t eat seafood but I really like slaw and hush puppies. I also love watching birds fly by. One of my life-long favorites is the Brown Pelican.

My grandpa and his dad John Ralph sang little bits of old time songs. Some were passed down like variations of John Henry— He was a steel driving man. Then other tunes I’m not so sure about their origins.  But one that stayed with me was about a pelican… “pelican oh pelican, his mouth holds more than his belly-can.” There were many many of these pouch-mouthed birds diving for fish right off the beach. It was very entertaining. So much so that I decided to paint about it.

I found an old board beside the road and dragged it to the sand for a shore-side painting session. I also happened to have my Halloween pumpkin we never carved so I brought it to the beach too. It was pretty fun making a sign on the beach and then watching the serious beach walkers try to ignore it.

Later I left the sign and the pumpkin near where I had found it— on the main road on a corner. I hope some of those serious people see it and laugh when no one is looking at them.

It is ok to have fun.

Blackcattips folk art Panama City  pelican

Blackcattips street folk art beach folk pelican painting  Painting on the beach blackcattips is Kyle brooks  Painting signs on the beach

– kyle