SCOPE (art delivery)

March 13, 2016

This weekend drove to Plains, Georgia to deliver a SCOPE bottle to Mr. John Williams. SCOPE stands for Sippin’ and Chilling On Paddling Expeditions. It is an offshoot of the Georgia Conservancy trips program—a unsanctioned yet fun loving subgroup.

The SCOPE cabin is now the home of the bottle I made for Mr. John. He is a big supporter of the Georgia Conservancy. I rode down with Bryan Schroeder and we had a fun little trip down south. Went to a house concert in Americus to see Caleb Caudle and his band perform. We met some new friends. Fished a little in blue green spring-fed pond. Walked down a dirt road. Saw a bunch of birds and lizards. Visited Mr. John’s peanut facility in Plains. Had coffee at the new Cafe Campesino location and ate in the Windsor hotel. Oh yea, and we stopped along the highway to leave a few signs. Couldn’t forget that part.

blackcattips-painting-scope-bottle-art blackcattips-painting-scope-bottle-boat blackcattips-art-pink-fish the-scope-cabin scope-bottle-john-williams-kyle-brooks-blackcattips-plains-georgia

— kyle