Mini-Mural In Clayton Georgia (rabun county good times)

April 9, 2016

I painted a little mural in Rabun County Georgia on the library in the town of Clayton— a mini-mural you might say. I also did a couple art workshops and gave a talk about my street folk art. I enjoyed my stay there very much. We stayed at the Beechwood Inn, a very nice old home turned into a cozy inn. I met quite a few interesting characters during my stay. Thanks to Stephanie for making all of this happen. I would visit again anytime.

The mural is based on old stories of the Book Mobile and how it used to drive around the mountain roads and deliver books to the mountain folks.

rabun-county-library-mini-mural-blackcattips-kyle-brooks-artclayton-georgia rabun-county-library-mini-mural-blackcattips-1000

blackcattips-mural-in-clayton-georgia-5-kyle-brooks-art blackcattips-painting-mini-mural-in-clayton-georgia-4-kyle-brooks-art blackcattips-painting-mini-mural-in-clayton-georgia-3-kyle-brooks blackcattips-painting-mini-mural-in-clayton-georgia-2 whitecattips-assisting blackcattips-painting-mini-mural-in-clayton-georgia-1blackcattips-mural-supplies— kyle