BlackCatTips Art Workshop (makin’ bears)

April 9, 2016

While up in Clayton Georgia I did a couple all age art workshops. I taught them about street folk art and showed them how we could make a BlackCatTips Bear with a silkscreen. I talked to folks in their 70’s and kids less than 7.

I met a guy in the workshop that I was in high school art class with. I talked to a little kid about a real bear that stole their pizza box. I talked to another little girl about her brown bald eagle puppet. She even made eagle noises.

The silkscreen bears had no eyes so I made them an Eye Chart to pick eyes from — in case they needed ideas. One person in the class said they would like to order “E.”

We had a good time and I am thankful all the folks showed up. Painting can be fun and simple. Colors most always make you feel glad inside. I am thankful for laughs.

blackcattips-and-the-brown-bald-eagle-rabun-county-library blackcattips-bear-tote-bags eye-chart---blackcattips silkscreen-lessons-with-kyle-brooks-blackcattips blackcattips-streetfolk-art-clayton-georgia
talking-about-things-to-people making-blackcattips-bears



— kyle