The Sun Is Shiny (a solo show)

April 20, 2016

Hi. My name is Kyle Brooks. You might know me as BlackCatTips. I just had my opening for my solo show I named The Sun Is Shiny. What a show it was! So many happy people showed up in the evening sun and looked at all the art I have made in the last few months. We had a great April evening.

The Sun Is Shiny was made possible by the kind friends who run Paper Ghost Studio in Candler Park, Atlanta. Thank you to Bryan of Forager Co. for  helping me look extra fancy. Thanks to the Paper Ghost gang for all your support. Thanks to WhiteCatTips for all of your endless help and advice. And… a big thanks to all those who attended. Thanks for saying “Hi” to me and making me laugh. It means a lot to hear your stories.

We had a good night and I hope to do this again sometime soon.

Paper Ghost Studio will be open over the next week so you can stop by and see the art collection before the art goes to its new homes. Stay tuned through the BlackCatTips social media channels for open hours. (twitter / instagram / facebook)

And yes, my mom and I  both wore vests and didn’t even plan it. :)

and if you would like to take a cyber stroll through the show click here.

my-mom-and-our-vests the-sun-is-shiny-blackcattips-art-show-2a-kyle-brooks the-sun-is-shiny-blackcattips-art-show-paper-ghost-4-kyle-brooks-atlanta the-sun-is-shiny-blackcattips-art-show-paper-ghost-3-kyle-brooks-atlanta the-sun-is-shiny-blackcattips-art-show-paper-ghost-2-kyle-brooks-atlanta blackcattips-talking-tea-lights blackcattips-lapel-pin-7 the-sun-is-shiny-blackcattips-art-show-3-kyle-brooks the-sun-is-shiny---blackcattips-art-show-1-paper-ghost
Video and 3 Studio photos by Paper Ghost Studio.

— kyle