I’m A Code Violater (art censorship)

May 1, 2017


Hi. I’m being targeted by Dekalb County, GA.
The lead code enforcement officer told me to my face the items I have built and painted in my yard are not ART. He pointed and said “That is not art!” He told me my self expression on my own property was ILLEGAL. He said there was an anonymous complaint.

I took them down for now, as I am being taken to court with NO Warnings. My court date is May 23.

Can you support me? Can you stand up for self expression and free speech and for the creative spirit? Please share with others if you find this local government censorship offensive.

Email me at BlackCatTips.com if you can help or to share ideas.

Here is a FaceBook post that a lot of folks weighed in on.

We moved to Arabia Mountain USA because it called to me. We moved here because we wanted to make the area even better and be a LIGHT in the community.

Happy Fun Art should not be illegal.

Before I removed my ART I made one more message…

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks