Talkin’ Totem Poles (forward warrior 2017)

July 6, 2017

I painted for Forward Warrior 2017, an annual street art event in Atlanta’s Cabbagetown neighborhood. Instead of painting a brand new mural, I decided it might be fun to decorate 2 existing ones. I added my talkin’ totem poles to murals by Ally White and Sanithna. I cleaned up some places and made some fun faces.

I showed up the first day to paint but my brain wasn’t in the right place. I came back a few days later and tried to find my groove. I am pretty sure I found it. The bugs and the mud and hot times tried to take it away but I showed them :) Put good music in my ears and some paint on my brush and I can paint for days. Thanks Forward Warrior.

Forward-warrior-2017-BlackCatTips-mural--04 Forward-warrior-2017-BlackCatTips-mural--10 Forward-warrior-2017-BlackCatTips-mural--11 Forward-warrior-2017-BlackCatTips-mural--14 Forward-warrior-2017-BlackCatTips-mural--07 Forward-warrior-2017-BlackCatTips-mural--09

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks