Thinkin’ A Lot (without thinkin’ too much)

August 3, 2017

You will give an ARTIST TALK to a crowd of people in an auditorium. You will stand on a stage and tell about yourself and the things you make out of a part of your mind you don’t completely understand. You will speak of your inspirations and feelings. I will ?! Yes…. you will. So I did.

Last Wednesday July 26th I gave a talk in conjunction with my current show at Spalding Nix Fine Art. I spoke to a room full at ADAC. I even played a little harmonica.

I enjoy talking to folks. I enjoy telling little stories and jokes. Sometimes it is difficult for me to wrangle in all my thoughts into a presentable speech — but I usually enjoy the presentation portion and interacting with a crowd. I think it helps to speak about something you know well and something that is close to you heart and soul.

Big thanks to Reid Childers of Eyesome Productions. He filmed and edited this event into a really nice video. He even told me some crazy stories. I am very thankful to him and his time.

So take a little time here and there, and  watch your ol’ pal BlackCatTips talk about his thoughts and his paintings he started while on an art residency at Hambidge  in North Georgia.

BlackCatTips Art Talk from Eyesome Productions

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks