$50 Dollar Coffee

January 13, 2011

A thank you note I made.

About a week ago I decided I wanted a coffee. I had been given a gift card for Starbucks in exchange for some web design and illustration work I did for my sister. So, I took my girlfriend and we went to the Little Five Points location. We parked and had our hot drinks. I needed to drop a couple letters in the mailbox so we decided to step across the street. I mailed the letters and went in the local grocery store to pick up some flax seeds and such. Fifteen minutes later we walked back across the road and found a bright orange boot around my front tire.

I have never been given a parking ticket or booted. I did not know whether to laugh or flip out. I looked around and a large guy in a big green truck waved me over. He said I should pay him $50 to remove the boot. I paused for a second. He claimed it was because I had left the parking lot. He said that was against the property owner’s rules. He seemed like a nice enough person but I was not pleased. He reminded me of the cable guy that Kramer kept eluding on an episode of Seinfeld. I decided to pay him anyway and he removed the nuisance from my tire.

I went back in the coffee shop and got the manager’s business card. The next day I called her. She was as little cold at first but then warmed up to my story. I explained my situation and told her that I had accidentally purchased a $50 coffee. I told her I knew it was a small parking area and parking was hard to find but I asked that they have clearer signage so people knew the “rules of the lot.” She told me she would contact the parking service and get me a refund because I was…..nice. I was impressed.

I was starting to think my luck had changed. I couldn’t really believe someone was going to help me out just because I was being polite and kind. That never happens in real life. I told her thanks. The next day the parking service called me and told me my check was in the mail. I was even more impressed.

I felt obliged to send an official thank you to the Starbucks store. I drew a thank you note and sent it to the kind manager lady. I hope it made her smile.

The next time I am planning on ordering a $50 cup of black coffee I want to be prepared. It should be a fancy occasion. I think I will wear my dark gray suit and a nice pair of shiny shoes. No, on second thought, make that boots.