An Afternoon With Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks (a friendly little visit)

February 14, 2018

Last fall, or autumn as some like to say, a few nice folks came to see me. They were attending a class at the Art Institute of Atlanta — film students with some fancy cameras and a mind full of ideas. The nice trio came by my home at Arabia Mountain U.S.A. just to the east of Atlanta. They were Sandra Sanchez, Kai Hunte and Lillian Cho.

They brought out all their gear and we did an interview. They worked real diligently on setting everything up. I let them wander around the property on a couple occasions taking photos of art and plants and things. They did a great job documenting our new yard and my art and what was going on here at the time. I was glad to meet them — they were full of a positive energy. They also visited me when I painted a mural for the city of Atlanta last fall. I later saw one of them at the grocery store. New friends make you smile.

I told them it was kind of like someone wandered up off the road and walked around my yard and listened to my talk for a little while I painted. Well, come to think of it, I guess that is about what happened. The film was produced by Sandra Sanchez, Kai Hunte did the camera work and Lillian Cho edited and recorded the sounds.  Thank y’all so much.

and next time I will wear pants with no holes in the knees…

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks