Green Screen (lost down a black hole)

August 10, 2018

tilt brush beam imagination blackcattips tilt brush beam imagination blackcattips tilt brush beam imagination blackcattips tilt brush beam imagination blackcattips

Photos by Maria Brooks and Patrick Duffy

Green. That was the theme. They took me into a room. For what I’ve done they strapped me into a computerized face-harness and sent me down a black hole tube into a world of amazing colors and a reality not-so-real. A strange sort of penance. when I return to the real world I’ll be a better man.

I’m learning to draw in virtual reality with Tilt Brush thanks to my new friends at Beam Imagination. It is one of the oddest and captivating things I have done. After only a couple sessions I think I could be sucked into the void and stay there a while without much loss of real-world time. I am drawing and creating in 3-D all around me and under and above in any color you like with a wide range of brushes and tools. It is all made in an instant and then can be all removed in the click of a button.

I can draw a simple blue circle. Then you can move it and rotate it in all directions and see how the light from above affects it and makes it look different. I realized it isn’t a circle at all and it really isn’t solid as there are holes and gaps in the brush strokes I made.  The blue circle is really a flat blue plate which I then grab and scale to the size of my choosing and place back into the sky next to other shapes I have created. I stand back in the virtual world and stare at my floating drawings in wonder. How is this happening?

I wish you could go down the black hole tube full of paints and colors with me. Maybe we can take that dog too. I could draw him a virtual bone.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks