Rebel Dog + Blue Bird (silkscreen series)

August 23, 2018

You can teach an old dog new tricks if he wants to learn. My old dog is mostly deaf and half blind but she can still run around and likes to jump. I like to learn new things. Over last couple years I have become more and more interested in silkscreen art and using some of the drawings and paintings I have created in recent days to make new art on paper. I have incorporated silkscreen imagery into some paintings I have done recently. I enjoy mixing and matching the repetition of the manual print with hand touches and brush strokes.

We have made 2 new sets of posters here at our studio. Today they are available on our shop. We are working on some new ones to release next month.

As I was applying the emulsion layer to the screen, I thought about process. I thought about the task that you repeat and refine — smooth out the flaws and learn the craft. I thought of a man on a documentary  I once saw that stuck with me. He was an older asian man. I think he lived in a Chinese city, in a gritty neighborhood. Everyday he made noodles by hand on a wooden table in a small bare back room. He used nothing but a long thick piece of bamboo. He would use his whole body to knead the dough and create the batch of noodles — pressing the dough with the bamboo until it was flat. Then he would start over again. Everyday the same task. Everyday. Then they would be delivered by hand to restaurants in the city. That impressed me. It inspired me. I will work on my craft. I would like some noodles.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks