NCR Beam Painting (kyle brooks paints in a parking deck)

October 28, 2018

They said I should show up early. I said, “oh good golly.” I got there before sun up and put on my hard hat— zipped up my neon yellow vest and packed up my brushes and ladder. I went and bought a coffee then I bumped into Todd. Todd is a good fella. He is the big boss at the NCR construction project. He watched out for me. He told them, ” to put DANGER red tape around my workspace because no one thinks twice about yellow CAUTION tape.”  I found out yellow caution tape is so old school — so very normal. You need something more substantial these days. Don’t use yellow tape when you have a whole box of red tape. It worked pretty well until a couple of dusty dirty dingy doods came stumbling through. Oh well… Todd just shook his head. “What are we going to do Kyle?“, he asked me. I told him there were always some turkeys to watch out for. He agreed.

I painted this concrete beam in a hallway leading to the parking decks at Phase 2 of the NCR World Headquarters in midtown Atlanta. I painted both sides and all underneath. When I finished working I cleaned up the caution tape and all my supplies. I left the folks a happy message. Real Good To See You Again —- Hope You Have A Happy Time. Everyone needs a little bit of a smile before or after they hit the dusty trail. I stood there and looked at the smiles I painted one more time—  then I grabbed my neon vest and walked out of the dusty parking deck. Bye Todd.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks