Food Friends (a lunchroom with long tables and corn chips)

October 22, 2018

Someone was very generous. Someone was the winning bid at the WonderRoot gala in 2017. As a result, they could have a mural painted by myself anywhere of their choosing. The kind person with the winning bid wanted to have the art given as a gift to a local school. WonderRoot worked a deal and many months later I walked into Dunbar Elementary with my paints and brushes. I also brought some snacks because I was hungry it was a lunchroom after all. Hmmmmm … corn chips.

I painted a fun mural with food themes – pizza, and fruit — apples and oranges and fruity drinks. A sandwich man, a spoon and a fork and a toothy banana.

The school kids were out on a break when I worked in the lunchroom. I imagine they will have a lot to talk about when they return. One person had told me the kids would mess the art up — they said they would peel it off the wall. I sure hope they leave it be. I went to school for a while and saw a bunch of lunchrooms. I never saw any paintings like this while I ate my square pizza and funky salad bar food. I never peeled any talking sandwiches off the wall. I think the children at Dunbar Elementary will consider themselves to be in a happy good place. A place that they can grow and learn and laugh at talking food.

Thanks again to WonderRoot and the super nice fella who gave the gift of art to Atlanta Public Schools.

I painted at another Atlanta Public School earlier this year. See the mural here.


My friend Angie helped me paint one day.


see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks