The Creative Rising (2 interviews for the price of one)

December 11, 2018

I recently sat down with Blake Howard, owner of Matchstic, A branding house located in Atlanta , Georgia. Actually, I sat down with Blake twice. The first time was a wild goose chase. We looked for hidden keys and fumbled into a recording session in progress. We got attacked by a swarm of hostile mosquitos and tripped through kudzu. I saved a half-dead cicada from a spider web. We relocated and recorded in a back room of a big house used as some business folks’ office. I took him a sip of whiskey and we laughed as he asked me stories about my art career. The wooden chairs creaked.

The second meet up was because the first recording session was full of technical difficulties — chair creaks, sweating, allergic reactions.  I might have dragged my feet a bit to re-record an interview with someone else, but I like Blake so I said I would do it. This go-round we met up at Constellations Co-Working Office off of Auburn Avenue in Atlanta. They have a professional recording studio so we sat down in the dimmed lighting and wood paneled walls. Blake brought me a whiskey this time. It was fancy. I didn’t get bit by bugs or start sweating.

We sat and talked and laughed and got way off track and had a fun time recording an interview once again. I had so much fun I think I would even do it a third time.

The podcast is called The Creative Rising. My interview session can be listened to here
or here on iTunes. It also can be found on Spotify.

Some people go to therapy to talk through their frustrations. I just do interviews.


see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks