After A Tropical Trip

I spent the last several days in a warm tropical locale. Fruits of the land and fish of the sea greeted my every turn. White clouds and warm winds kept me calm and comfortable. Ahhh, but all things must end.

Now I am back in Atlanta in late February. I am wearing hats and long sleeves. So what did I do on my return to regular day to day life? I went and painted bears in the woods. What did you think I would say?

I refreshed the current art I have on my parents property along a state highway. I have a big cross and some bear heads on the edge of a section of woods. I took my nephew with me. He wanted to use the hatchet to help cut vines. He helped spray paint too. I was proud of him. I wanted the people who drive by to get some new things to look at.

Nothing makes people happy like bright colors and fun faces.


– kyle



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