The Sproutmen Mural (urban sprouts farm)


I finished my painting this week down at Urban Sprouts Farm.  I painted the main mural I call The Sproutmen. I also painted inside an old broken up motel room and a LONG hotdog with a top hat on another building.

Thanks again to Davy Minor of Deer Bear Wolf for getting me involved in this fun project. Thanks to Nuri for having a farm and being real cool. Phoenix Fest is November 15th at the farm—music, art, cool kids and the like.

I wish I had Urban Sprouts mural to paint every week. It would make a good life.

sproutmen mural in progress- blackcattips kyle brooks painting - photo by mariaurban sprouts - sproutmen mural - blackcattips -  art atlanta street folk

urban sprouts - sproutmen mural - blackcattips - painting on brick urban sprouts - sproutmen mural - blackcattips - crescent moon atlanta urban sprouts - long dog - blackcattips - hot dog art atlanta top hat grass hopah mural - blackcattips - graffiti king bird atlanta street art urban sprouts - sproutmen mural - blackcattips - street art phoenix fest urban sprouts - sproutmen mural - blackcattips - painted house orange

See some others photos here.

– kyle



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