Mule Ear (a mysterious bloom)

I’ve been waiting a few years to see this creature bloom. Last year was an almost but an accident chopped off the bloom spike mid-growth. It has a beautiful brain somewhere in there — guiding its development. This year it looks like it surely might happen.

This Mule Ear Oncidium was found in amongst many plants on my mother-in-law’s mother’s back porch several years ago. It was growing tossed in between a bunch of other plants. I was told to take it and care for it so I brought it back to Georgia from central Florida. I had no clue what type of orchid  it was at the time. I built a little basket for it to grow in.

Nature is a mysterious wonder. God made me smart enough to know He is all around but my smart enough to understand it all. I am easily amazed, but this is amazing to me.

mule-ear-oncidium-bloom mule-ear-oncidium-basket mule-ear-oncidium-bloom-spike
see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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