The Smiling Tower (silkscreen practice)

I went to a class the other week to learn tips on how to be a better dad to a baby boy. As I have always done, I drew many doodles on the borders of my notebook. A few days ago I fixated on one of the drawings and decided to use it for screen print project I was thinking about.

I made a bunch of these Smiling Tower prints. I burned the screens and printed them in my basement with the polka-dotted floor. I decided I would send a print to some people who had helped me in 2017 — cause what am I going to do with a stack of smiling towers anyway? So I silk-screened them at night and sent them out today. It made me feel good. I don’t ever feel as though I am an adequate gift-giver but maybe projects like this one will help.

I plan to keep practicing my silk screen skills. You tell those people who have helped you along the way that “you appreciate them.” I hope we all have a good 2018.


see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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