Ribbon Of Color (flows over the hills)

(1) A ribbon of color
Your color
Everyone is assigned one
Through your life you are attracted to your color and it stands true
High on the mountain
Your ribbon in the sky
The tail of a comet
A flowing rainbow.

(2) The ribbon runs through things in your life you need to pay attention to.  It ties them loosely together.

(3) Some people ribbons flow through mountains and valleys you have no reason to see
Some peoples ribbons speak in different languages.

(4) Yours is unique to you.
Your own color and length and mannerisms.
It flickers in a mathematical sequence which resonates best with your heart.
It calls your name through the years.

(5) Follow the ribbon and the color.
It will take you to the true place meant for you.
It will take you through the dark times
The Ribbon of Hope is sent to you by the Spirit of Inspiration.
It was sent to save you.

(6) You can only be the real you and the true you if you follow your own true path.
Follow your long and colorful ribbon
Listen to it hum and sing.
Close your eyes and don’t question,
It was meant to be.


see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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