A Trip To The Sun

July 6, 2021

He brought it over. Left it on my back deck. I looked at it. I left it there. I moved it. I moved it again. I scooted it. I scooted it again. I put it inside the studio. I cleaned it up. I put it by the garage and was gonna take it away. Then I had an idea. I painted a TAKE ME TO THE SUN suitcase. Classic TravelMaster. Plastic made of leather. Bumpy NERF-like hard plastic leather. Texturized for your please. Would you like to go for a ride?

We make our first stop in Hawaii. You know it is the 50th state don’t you? I wanna take some time there. Show myself around. I’d like to sit for a spell. Will you watch my suitcase?

After Hawaii we will head for the SUN. It is a 20 hour trek. Don’t forget to bring your snacks.

I wanna go, go to the sun.
I hear it is hot, but it sure is fun.
A warm kind of heat, the kind you would like.
You could take a walk or ride on your bike.
Let’s go to the sun … go to the sun.
Would you go to the sun with me?

Tickets for the BlackCatTips trip to the sun 2021 are available here.

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