School Time

September 20, 2022

Last week I did many things in Wilson, North Carolina. One part of my tour was a couple school visits. On Friday September 9th I toured and spoke with students in two schools — Sallie B. Howard and then Barnes Elementary. Both schools were located in Wilson.  Both were very different. Both were very enjoyable to me. Interacting with both groups of children gave me such a thrill. I did not expect it would but I was very touched by them and their excitement.

The younger  children cheered when they saw art they liked — much like a classic game show. The older ones had some great questions and began to sing with me when I sang to them.  I really liked that. I never knew it would be such a good thing to visit with children and talk about all my paintings and sing to them about a whale and a train. I showed them pictures of my art and paintings and some projects I have done. I told them about “the Whale of Wilson.” What a wondrous site.  She swims in the day.  She swims in the night.

See you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

P.S. I also did a podcast with Wilson Arts while in town. You can stream it here.

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